News: Yu Honglei at chi K11 art museum

Yu Honglei will be exhibiting in After Us, a group show opening mid-March at chi K11 art museum, Shanghai, alongside other artists such as Dora Budor, Chen Zhou, Ian Cheng, Cécile B. Evans, JODI, Stewart Uoo, Jon Rafman, Katja Novitskova and many others.
The exhibition, curated by Lauren Cornell and Chen Baoyang, considers the pervasiveness of artificial intelligence, social web, and gaming in both popular culture and daily life, and the fabrication of newly invested personae within both realms. After Us looks at the original characters that artists are animating: ones that amplify current social conditions and speculate on potential future states.
Featured artists layer virtual or imagined states onto the present through the use of surrogates, proxies, and avatars – which appear in works of sculpture, installation, photography, performance, video or in the form of augmented reality or virtual reality.
Works that will be presented by Yu Honglei that respond to this motif include Sisters Down The Hill (2016), Infrastructural Measurement (2016) and Cat (2016)— both of which were originally exhibited at his solo show Swallow Century which took place in Antenna Space last year.


pedestal (board, fiberglass, resin, paint),copper, stainless steel

245x125x40 cm

Sisters Down the Hill,2016

Acrylic color on stainless steel,fiberglass

110x100x230 cm; 110x120x280 cm 

 Infrastructural Measurement,2016

board, resin, paint, fiberglass, resin, iron, plastic, textile

245x125x270 cm