Left: The Antarc@ca, right: The Appalachian Mountains, Acrylic and Decolorizer on canvas, 250 x 200cm, 2016

The first installment of Borderlines is a series spectulating the formation of boundaries respectively by natural or administrative, therefore manmade, features.
While Xu Qu is interested the way in which contemporary visuality is facilitated by external equipment, and capable of surveying the whole scope of the world’s geographical portrait, whose face is interminably re-casted or, at times, changed in two shakes. These changing surfaces are the lines of the nature, as opposed to the lines of administration presented on the maps, which is also constantly shaping in human history as the world is divided into nations and regions.

Postcard, HD color video and sound, 4’ 20’’, 2017

This artwork is further research on the foundation of the exhibition Doctrine, held at Antenna Space in 2016. It emphasizes the overlap and divergence of historical issues. Landmarks of historical events give rise to postcard from every corner of the world. These things transcend time and space, and transcend the meaning of the event itself.