NEWS: "Why the Performance?", Li Ming at McaM

Li Ming is exhibiting his video installation MEIWE #1 at exhibition: Why the Performance?, Ming contemporary art museuM(McaM), Shanghai. The exhibition opens on 18th September 2016 and lasts until 20th November.

The past year witnessed the practice in tracing back the exhibitions in the forms of performance and theatre in the historical context and now McaM focuses its curatorial perspective on the concept of the performance itself. The exhibition "Why the Performance?" explorers the various forms of performance in daily life and approaches a series of questions arising from it. How could the performance become a kind of politics when politics became a form of performance? What is the meaning assigned by the performance to our daily life when it acts as a strategy of propaganda and presentation of miracles? How the performance becomes a means of de-significance that has been unexpectedly reduced to entertainment at such a pan-performance epoch featuring an overflow of social media and the popularity of histrionic personality? How to reinterprets the power of the audience and the onlooking type politics in the relationship between watching and being watched?

The works the exhibition present are closely linked to the performance and are produced by more than 50 artists worldwide in different phases in forms of installation, moving image, performance art, theater, dance, sound, poetry, etc. questioning (answering): Why the Performance?