News: VIVA ARTE VIVA, Guan Xiao at the 57th Venice Biennale

Guan Xiao will be featured at the 57th International Art Exhibition VIVA ARTE VIVA, curated by Christine Macel , from Saturday May 13th to Sunday November 26th 2017, at the Giardini and the Arsenale, Venice.
Christine Macel has declared:
«Today, in a world full of conflicts and shocks, art bears witness to the most precious part of what makes us human. Art is the ultimate ground for reflection, individual expression, freedom, and for fundamental questions. Art is the last bastion, a garden to cultivate above and beyond trends and personal interests. It stands as an unequivocal alternative to individualism and indifference.»
120 are the invited artists from 51 countries; 103 of these are participating for the first time. Another 5 Chinese artists GENG Jianyi, HAO Liang, LIU Jianhua, LIU Ye and ZHOU Tao will also be featured at VIVA ARTE VIVA.


DAVID, video stills, Three-screens digital HD video, 

The lyric and singing by artist-self, 4 min 43 sec, 2013