NEWS: New Directions:Yu Honglei AT UCCA

Yu Honglei's new works will be exhibited in his upcoming solo show at UCCA, as part of "New Directions", exhibition and publication series that focus on new voices from Greater China.
A video and metal sculptures that take up the whole exhibition form an intertextual relationship. These works delimits an arena in which trust can be established. Yu attempts to infuse his sculptural language with his connection to the viewer. Then, through his control of sculptural language, he issues to his audience a tender command to look–directing their vision and movement, and even joining them in defining the object that is beheld. The sculptures themselves, however, remain in silent, almost classical repose. Only the most essential visual elements are ultimately preserved and displayed, the result of layers upon layers of evolution and refinement that leaves them full of static energy, brimming with their own historical and archival value.