NEWS: Li Ming at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

Li Ming will participate group exhibition Turning Point: Contemporary Art in China Since 2000 at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum. Highlighting the year 2000 as a key time concept, the exhibition intends to probe into the various changes, emerging trends of thought as well as social problems ever since then and to cast light on the responses contemporary art has made. 
The exhibition focuses mainly on two “turning points”, or say two types of “transition”–that from easel art to conceptual art and from form to social significance. To be more specific, the former refers to the fact that in the wake of the development of the linguistic nature of contemporary art, the linear evolution of art since mid-80s came to an end. Compared to art back in the 90s which featured painting mainly, it has now become more diverse and conceptual. The latterstresses on the changes of the writing of contemporary art. Attention has been shifted from the logic embeddedin the form to social movements, social significance, social problems (i.e. urban space, land and ethnic groups) and the demonstration of the different experiences. In the meantime, with the increasing involvement of the internet, films, televisions, high-tech and new media, the art form has witnessed continuous development as it is equipped with the capacity to present new visual forms of expression in line with the development of the society.

李明 | Li Ming

今天无事发生-2号 | Nothing happened today – N0.2

4通道数字录像,彩色,有声 | four channel digital video, color, sound

video 1: 24′ 12″

video 2: 15′ 26″

video 3: 04′ 37″

video 4: 06′ 35″


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