News: Guan Xiao at GLOBALE: New Sensorium

Taking Asia as the field of its curatorial research guided by Yuko Hasegawa, the group show GLOBALE: New Sensorium focuses on the up-and-coming sensory realms. The showcasing of 17 artists/collectives aims to “[explore] exit strategies from the dark confusion at the precipices of dualist modernization.”

Such epistemological lines of flight might lurks in Guan Xiao’s Reading (2013) and Cognitive Shape (2013), amongst other works contributes to the exhibition. While Guan’s two multi-screen works manifest a semi-algorithmical way of seeing, which is crucial to her practice, Hasegawa comments in her curatorial statement on why looking at such new sensorium. It reads: “it is a collection of means enabling us to explore the transient close conjunction between our virtual and actual lives.”